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DIVINE MERCY:Pope John Paul II & Saint Faustina: Gospel of Mercy

Pope John Paul II - Pope of the Divine Mercy
1995: Pope John Paul. Rome, Italy
St. Faustina Helen Kowalska
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“I wish to grant unimaginable graces to those who trust in My Mercy.” ~Our Lord Jesus Christ

Jesus, I trust in You.

Today I am intent on practicing Divine Mercy consciously towards others on a daily basis ...by deed, word or prayer, for "If a soul does not exercise mercy in some way or other it will not obtain My mercy on judgment day. Oh, if only souls knew how to gather eternal treasure for themselves, they would not be judged, for they would forestall my judgment with mercy." Jesus decrees that we do so, and I also wish to practice Divine Mercy out of love for Our Lord and His children.

I'll start with you, Gentle Reader, by passing on the following text, photos and links that I came across while researching Divine Mercy on the 'Net. If you were less than informed as I was, perhaps this is a small spiritual act of mercy of informing the uninformed. If you were doubtful, perhaps these words from Pope John Paul is good counsel for you. If you were sorrowful for your sins, perhaps you will soon be comforted to learn that you can experience a second baptism*...and third.. ad infinitum... every Divine Mercy Sunday.

Who can be sorrowful, given the “whole ocean of graces” contained in Jesus' words to Saint Faustina regarding this feast day called the Divine Mercy Sunday:

    Whoever approaches the Fountain of Life on this day will be granted complete forgiveness of sins and punishment.

    This Feast emerged from the very depths of My mercy, and it is confirmed in the vast depths of My tender mercies.

    It is My desire that it be solemnly celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter ... I desire that the Feast of Mercy be a refuge and shelter for all souls, and especially for poor sinners. On that day the very depths of My tender mercy are open. I pour out a whole ocean of graces upon those souls who approach the Fountain of My mercy.

    I want to grant a complete pardon to the souls that will go to Confession and receive Holy Communion on the Feast of My mercy.

* Today I learned of Rev. Ignacy Rozycki, Doctor of Dogmatic Theology, who was appointed by Pope John Paul II to examine the revelations to Blessed Faustina. It was he who came to the conclusion that the extraordinary grace promised by Jesus on the Feast of Mercy is a gift of grace equalled only by the grace of Holy Baptism. On Divine Mercy Sunday our souls can be renewed as on the day of baptism. As Fr. Ed said yesterday, the best day to die is Divine Mercy Sunday, immediately after receiving this grace. Like Pope John Paul II did, you would go straight to heaven. No time in purgatory! A Fastpass.

    To repeat: "The soul that will go to confession and receive Holy Communion shall obtain complete forgiveness of sins and punishment" (II.138).

+ + +

In the News:

John Paul II, "valuing the spiritual experience of a humble religious, St. Faustina Kowalska ... wanted the Sunday after Easter to be dedicated in a special way to Divine Mercy, and providence disposed that he should die precisely on the Vigil of the Feast of the Divine Mercy in the hands of Divine Mercy," said Benedict XVI today in his address. He referred to Pope John Paul II as the Pope of Divine Mercy. ~ Source

Pope John Paul II, Pope of Divine Mercy

+ + +

Sr. Faustina Kowalska and Devotion to Divine Mercy

From a sermon by Pope John Paul II on April 20, 2000, the day Sr. Faustina Kowalska was canonized. Ten days later, he personally inaugurated The Feast of Divine Mercy on April 30, 2000, which he described as "the happiest day of his life." Since then, the second Sunday of Easter has also been known as Divine Mercy Sunday.

St. Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938)

Sr. Faustina Kowalska was a Polish nun who propagated devotion to the Divine Mercy in the form of a Devotion known as the Divine Mercy Chaplet. This sermon was given by Pope John Paul II on the occasion of his canonization of Sr. Faustina in April 2000 and his proclamation of the First Sunday after Easter as Divine Mercy Sunday.

Today, my joy is truly great in presenting the life and witness of Sr Faustina Kowalska to the whole Church as a gift of God for our time. By divine Providence, the life of this humble daughter of Poland was completely linked with the history of the 20th century, the century we have just left behind. In fact, it was between the First and Second World Wars that Christ entrusted his message of mercy to her. Those who remember, who were witnesses and participants in the events of those years and the horrible sufferings they caused for millions of people, know well how necessary was the message of mercy.

Jesus & Sr. Faustina by Tommy Canning

Jesus told Sr Faustina: “Humanity will not find peace until it turns trustfully to divine mercy”. Through the work of the Polish religious, this message has become linked for ever to the 20th century, the last of the second millennium and the bridge to the third. It is not a new message but can be considered a gift of special enlightenment that helps us to relive the Gospel of Easter more intensely, to offer it as a ray of light to the men and women of our time.

What will the years ahead bring us? What will man’s future on earth be like? We are not given to know. However, it is certain that in addition to new progress there will unfortunately be no lack of painful experiences. But the light of divine mercy, which the Lord in a way wished to return to the world through Sr Faustina’s charism, will illumine the way for the men and women of the third millennium.

It is important then that we accept the whole message that comes to us from the word of God on this Second Sunday of Easter, which from now on throughout the Church will be called “Divine Mercy Sunday”. In the various readings, the liturgy seems to indicate the path of mercy which, while re-establishing the relationship of each person with God, also creates new relations of fraternal solidarity among human beings. Christ has taught us that man not only receives and experiences the mercy of God, but is also called to practice mercy towards others: “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy”. He also showed us the many paths of mercy, which not only forgives sins but reaches out to all human needs. Jesus bent over every kind of human poverty, material and spiritual.

It is not easy to love with a deep love, which lies in the authentic gift of self. This love can only be learned by penetrating the mystery of God’s love. Looking at him, being one with his fatherly heart, we are able to look with new eyes at our brothers and sisters, with an attitude of unselfishness and solidarity, of generosity and forgiveness. All this is mercy!

Sr Faustina Kowalska wrote in her Diary: “I feel tremendous pain when I see the sufferings of my neighbors. All my neighbors’ sufferings reverberate in my own heart; I carry their anguish in my heart in such a way that it even physically destroys me. I would like all their sorrows to fall upon me, in order to relieve my neighbor”. This is the degree of compassion to which love leads, when it takes the love of God as its measure!

It is this love which must inspire humanity today, if it is to face the crisis of the meaning of life, the challenges of the most diverse needs and, especially, the duty to defend the dignity of every human person. Thus the message of divine mercy is also implicitly a message about the value of every human being. Each person is precious in God’s eyes; Christ gave his life for each one; to everyone the Father gives his Spirit and offers intimacy.

This consoling message is addressed above all to those who, afflicted by a particularly harsh trial or crushed by the weight of the sins they committed, have lost all confidence in life and are tempted to give in to despair. To them the gentle face of Christ is offered; those rays from his heart touch them and shine upon them, warm them, show them the way and fill them with hope. How many souls have been consoled by the prayer “Jesus, I trust in you”, which Providence intimated through Sr Faustina!.

And you, Faustina, a gift of God to our time, a gift from the land of Poland to the whole Church, obtain for us an awareness of the depth of divine mercy; help us to have a living experience of it and to bear witness to it among our brothers and sisters. May your message of light and hope spread throughout the world, spurring sinners to conversion, calming rivalries and hatred and opening individuals and nations to the practice of brotherhood. Today, fixing our gaze with you on the face of the risen Christ, let us make our own your prayer of trusting abandonment and say with firm hope: Christ Jesus, I trust in you!

+ + +


“ Souls who spread the honor of My mercy, I shield through their entire life as a tender mother her infant, and at the hour of death, I will not be a judge for them but the Merciful Savior.” (Diary 1075)

+ + +

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>> =http://www.marian.org/divinemercy/FAQs/faqanswers1-10.html#A1Q & A: Divine Mercy

+ + +

"Tell aching mankind to snuggle close to my merciful heart, and I will fill it with peace." ~ Our Lord, Jesus Christ

+ + +

Pope John Paul II and St. Faustina, pray for us! Jesus, I trust in You!

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It's Divine Mercy Sunday!

Divine Mercy Sunday: St Peter Chanel Church, Hawaiian Gardens CA
Jesus told St. Faustina: on this day "all the divine floodgates
through which graces flow are opened."
Whenever I see my longtime friends, Alice and Albert, they invite me to their quarterly retreats at a neighboring parish. This past Thursday, after being reminded about Divine Mercy by members of our prayer group, I was moved to check out Alice and Albert's parish's website, then impulsively called to register my husband and me for their Divine Mercy retreat. The timing was perfect, as within 24 hours, registration was closed.


Kind and profuse thanks to our prayer group, especially to Ana Shawl for posting the daily Divine Mercy novena prayers and June Klins, who introduced me to Divine Mercy a year ago, I was being immersed in Our Lord's Divine Mercy all week, unknowingly, and especially yesterday, knowingly.

Yesterday morning, the human, pleasure/solitude-loving part of us was feeling a wee bit put out (maybe even more than that). Giving up a perfectly glorious, sun-drenched day, outdoors, up in the mountains to be cooped up in a church for a WHOLE day indoors, did not come so easily. But we are new Catholics and our knowledge of Divine Mercy was much lacking, so we signed up for this retreat as a crash course so we could observe Divine Mercy Sunday more fully. God is full of surprises. As it turns out, once again, His Generosity was huge and our "sacrificial" gift was not to be outdone, as yesterday the HUGE GIFT OF DIVINE MERCY bestowed on us made the day better than Christmas, our birthdays, and Easter, put together.

From 7am to 7 pm, my husband and I attended a Divine Mercy Retreat at a neighboring parish, St. Peter Chanel Church in Hawaiian Gardens, CA. It was an incredibly liberating and profoundly life-changing experience. We entered deeper into the mystery of God and gained a better understanding of His Love and Mercy. We will never again take His Mercy for granted, nor will we take the gift of Divine Mercy Sunday lightly. It is profound. It is far-reaching. It is unfathomably generous. It is truly AWESOME!

We were taught by four tremendously gifted Marian priests; received the Eucharist at morning Mass; prayed the Divine Mercy chaplet (3X), and three decades of Our Lady's Rosary throughout the day between riveting lectures that so enlightened us; shared breakfast and lunch with wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ under a warm Southern California sun; went to confession "as if it were it was our first, last and only confession"; learned to pray BIG and ASK without limit; adored Christ in the Blessed Sacrament; learned about Pope John Paul II's role in this devotion and how perfectly timed his departure from this earth was - after the anticipatory Mass for Divine Mercy Sunday; and ended our day with the anticipatory Divine Mass Sunday Mass.

We floated out of the church, liberated, renewed, strengthened, nourished and squeaky clean, spiritually. With sins in remission and temporal punishments erased, we are now "on tiptoes with anticipation, awaiting Christ's return and spending eternity with Him" with confidence.

The Living God kept pouring down His Divine Mercy and Graces all day long. We were thoroughly drenched and smiles never once left our faces and hearts. We came as ignoramuses and left as apostles of Divine Mercy, eager and capable of reflecting God's Mercy to others. We left knowing that once again we are as "white as the driven snow" and FEELING it as well. It was truly a second baptism, just as meaningful as our first a year ago, if not more, as we know Our Lord more intimately than ever before.

It was a new springtime -- just as Our Lady talks about in her messages!

As I write now, I am watching the telecast of the Mercy Sunday and Celebration 2006 at the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Massachusetts on EWTN. Fr. Don Calloway, who was converted by Our Lady of Medjugorje, is speaking right now. Tune in, if you can. He is leading a merciful, but mighty army for Our Lady.

We may live in difficult times with many spiritual battles, but we have a path of sanctity with "Jesus, I trust in You!" We are well armed with the Divine Mercy chaplet, "our Mass in our pocket." As Our Mother keeps reminding us in Medjugorje, this is a time of grace. Indeed, it is.

God bless YOU today and every day. May you continue to be showered upon with God's Mercy and drenched to your spiritual underwear! I love you, dearly.

In God's Light,
Peace Pilgrim,

"If you knew how much I love you, you'd cry with joy." ~ Our Lady of Peace

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Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church, cover to cover

Catholic Catechism Dialogue Blog: join us!
The Catholic Catechism Blog is up and running!

>> Getting the Most Out of the Readings

+ + +

>> Fr. John Corapi: A Series of Articles on the Catechism of the Catholic Church

>> Fr. John Corapi: Catechism Topics

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The Sacraments: How Sweet It Is!

Cynthia in Dallas TX
*Proudly entered the Church in 2006
I left the following message at Cynthia's blog, Mormon 2 Catholic. She is a spankin' new sister in Christ, having just received the Sacraments last Saturday night, Easter Vigil.

    My heartiest congratulations to you and your husband. You will grow even closer together with your shared Sacraments.

    God bless you!

    And welcome to the Body of Christ:

    "For My Flesh is real food
    and My Blood is real drink.
    He who eats My Flesh and drinks My Blood
    lives in Me
    and I live in him.
    As I who am sent by the living Father,
    Myself draw life from the Father,
    so whoever eats Me will draw life from Me."

    Reading this entry made me misty-eyed, as I could easily share the joy of that night with you.

    I too am a new Catholic, baptized a year ago.

    Indeed, there are days when I slap my forehead and exclaim, "Holy Moly, I'm Catholic!" I still find it mind-boggling. Yet, my heart knows what God knew all along: I always belonged to Him.

    How sweet it is!

I rejoice and pray for all who have have entered the Church. May they experience, enjoy and embrace the Fullness of the Faith in the Church built on the rock!

* Thank you to Moneybags at A Catholic Life for the Welcome Home 2006 logo.

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EASTER 2006: Easter in Medjugorje!

Easter Vigil, Medjugorje Photo credit: Info Centre Mir*
Easter Vigil, Medjugorje Photo credit: Info Centre Mir*
Easter Vigil, Medjugorje Photo credit: Info Centre Mir*
Yesterday, my 'Net friend, Anita in Medjugorje, posted an url to a web page with photos from Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday at St. James Church on their (Emanuel and Anita's) website: http://emanuel-medjugorje.blogspot.com/

My eyes drank in the serene beauty of each photo, bringing me once again close to what is for us the holiest place on the planet. Next to the Mass itself, Medjugorje is the closest place to Heaven. With these photos, we can vicariously experience the peaceful and holy ambience of a place that coincides with the Mass on a daily basis, and especially at Easter: Mass x Medjugorge = Heaven on Earth²

Easter Vigil, Medjugorje. *Photo credit: Info Centre Mir

The official photographer at St. James Info Centre Mir is to be commended. His/Her pictures are stunning and so very beautiful. Click here for more photos. They are the next best thing to being there in person!

Thank you, Anita! I can't wait to see you this summer!


*Information Centre "Mir" - Medjugorje. Reproduction, representation and adaptation of texts, drawings, photos, sounds, logos, videotapes and all materials published on ICM pages are permitted only under condition of mentioning their source.

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