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Saturday, 26-Jun-2004 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
Day 8 - Saying goodbye to Medjugorje; back to Split, Amsterdam

Rafael & Teri from Southern California
Kelly & Katie from Northern California
Katie and her best friend, Kerry, from Boston
Karen from Louisiana & T
Karen (we love this gal!) and D
Our last breakfast together in a room where lasting memories...
of good, wholesome food and great camaraderie were made.
Hvala! (Thank you!)
Saying "Do Vidjenja" (Goodbye) to our cozy room...
...the crucifix on the nightstand...
and our balcony. Like good scouts, we leave the room
even more spic 'n span than when we arrived.
Our efficient bathroom...
forever memorable...
Onward to Split, Croatia via mountain roads.
Split in the distance
Terry and D at the Split Airport.
Terry and Mary: dear friends.
Ahhh, a queen-size bed...
for TWO! We won't miss those twin beds.
Lounging in luxury...
with amenities that we did not miss in Medjugorje.
A long welcome soak in a bathtub was a treat.
Room service...
never tasted so good!
Reflections of the anniversary Fr. Mario Knezovic:


We have just celebrated the 23rd anniversary of Our Lady?s apparitions in Medjugorje. These apparitions continue to be an open topic on all the levels of the Church and of the society. The questions are numerous; as for the answers, they are too scarce or too numerous, it depends... Each one appreciates in one?s own way the events, which - for 23 years now - are placing Medjugorje at the center of the attention of the Church and of the society. Many expect a clear definition of these events, but there is none. Each one, in fact, has one?s own definition; that seems to be most realistic. The definitions lock up and put a final point on an event, as on a completed history. Medjugorje, however, cannot be contained in a definition, and it is even less a completed history. Medjugorje exceeds all the frames. In Medjugorje, everything is moving, everything is in motion, and everything is developing... The message of Medjugorje is in permanent pilgrimage towards the hearts of people, and people are in pilgrimage towards Jesus through Mary. This is the dynamic and the meaning of Medjugorje. Each pilgrim experiences personally the graces that God gives to his "beloved ones" through Our Lady.

If we would try to define Medjugorje in a few sentences, it would be unavoidable to speak about fruits that are occurring each day, at every moment. Jesus himself said: "It is by their fruits that you will recognize them". The fruits are "the trump" that nobody can dispute. Can one hide a city built on the mountain or a burning candle? Impossible!

What counts in this story are witnesses. They are thousands. By their life, they testify that God is at work and that - through Mary - he is present in a special way in the contemporary world. Witnesses are ready to assume sacrifice in order that the voice of Our Lady may be heard, this voice which speaks for 23 years now to each person of this planet on which we live. Among these witnesses, the central place belongs to the visionaries. In this context, I recall what, at the age of nine, Jakov said to the psychiatrist who asked him:

"Have you seen Our Lady?"
"What would you do for her?"
"I would die for her", said Jakov, the little witness of Our Lady.



During the last 23 years, Our Lady?s message of peace was spread all over the world through pilgrims, reached homes all over the world, and made Medjugorje one of the most visited places of pilgrimage. This is confirmed by the presence of more than 100,000 faithful that came to Medjugorje for the 23rd anniversary. It is impossible to enumerate all of the countries where the pilgrims came from. They came from all the five continents. Very many local pilgrims came on their bare feet to pray to the Queen of Peace.

In the morning of June 24th and June 25th, Holy Masses were celebrated in 16 languages. During these two days, 34,000 communions were distributed.

The evening Mass on June 24th was presided by Fr. Miljenko ?teko and concelebrated by 125 priests. About 15,000 faithful were present.

The evening Mass on June 25th was presided by Fr. Josip Grbavac in front of about 40,000 faithful. 171 priests from approximately twenty countries concelebrated the evening mass. ~Source

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