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By: Peace Pilgrim

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Thursday, 9-Sep-2004 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
How do you pray the Rosary?

After I accepted Mother Mary's invitation to go to Medjugorje, I soon learned that something called the rosary was of great importance to her and the pilgrims who travel there. A quick dictionary look-up revealed that it is two things: a prayer devotion AND the beads used to pray it. So complete was my ignorance!

My first rosary.

Soon the question arose: HOW do you pray the Rosary? Thank God for the kind souls who have created websites with instructions. Learning how to do it on my own was very do-able.

I decided that I would prepare a gift to take to her: I would not only learn how to do The Rosary, I would learn its prayers by heart. With only three months to prepare this gift, this endeavor proved to be one of the most daunting challenges in my life.

My biblical knowledge was extremely lacking, and so I began to do online searches of each mystery. What started off as learning how to pray the Rosary became an intensive crash course of Jesus' life through His mother's eyes. I became increasingly captivated with Jesus' life and fell in love with Him more and more.

Each day's "practice" made me less and less clumsy with the beads, while drawing me ever closer to Him and His mother. The words, "To Jesus through Mary" proved absolutely true for me, as it was through The Rosary that I gave conscious and deeper thought to Jesus' life. Although I dreaded the Sorrowful Mysteries and put them off as long as possible, when I finally tackled them, I came to truly understand and appreciate His ultimate sacrifice for us.

A visual person, I need all the visual aids and prompts possible. Intent on not making it a mindless recitation, I put together a VISUAL online Rosary, which greatly accelerated my efforts and deepened my prayers. The pictures help me to concentrate on the mysteries while reciting the prayers, giving me the staying power and meaningfulness that I so need, especially on those days that the world seems to conspire against me by distracting me, every which way.

I post the URL here in hopes that it may help someone else who is struggling to "pay attention" and/or derive meaning from it:

>> AN ONLINE VISUAL ROSARY: http://www.geocities.com/ppilgrim3/

It is a TOTALLY non-commercial website, so not to worry about being "sold" something. It is on a free site with a limited capacity, so if someone gets there before you, you may have to come back and try again. Also, it is very graphic-intensive so a fast connection is most helpful.

I am no longer so dependent on it, as I have "burned" the images into my visual cortex. It served as a means to an end, as in June, three months later, my husband and I presented our gift to Mother Mary and prayed The Rosary with her -- at her feet -- at sunrise:

Since then, we pray The Rosary together daily, as it is our exclusive time with Jesus and His mother -- and God the Father, the Holy Spirit, St. Michael and the rest of heaven. We have decided to make it a priority in our lives. It takes up only 1% of our 24 hours each day. Such a small amount of time for all the graces that have been poured on us.

So HOW do we pray the Rosary these days? We pray with our hearts, as The Rosary has become so dear -- and indispensable -- to our lives. I hope you will share with me (and others here) how you pray the Rosary and what it means to you. By sharing, I think we reinforce each other's efforts and we become a prayer group.

"When two or more are gathered..." God bless you.

In God's Light,
Peace Pilgrim in Southern CA & Hawai'i
In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen
U ime Oca, i Sina, i Duha Svetoga. Amen

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