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By: Peace Pilgrim

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Saturday, 5-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
RCIA: From a Medjugorje pilgrim to a catechumen

Peace Pilgrim
Pope Pius II
3rd Grade Teacher: Donna Weiss Saiki from Kenosha, Wisconsin
Girl Scout Leader: Mrs. Virginia Isbell from Montana
Gravestone: Neighbor, Kupunawahine Maleka 'Ohia
Our Lady of Medjugorje, aka Mother Mary
48 days to our baptisms on Easter Vigil. Please pray for us. Mahalo!

"You are the light of the world. A city set on a mountain cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and then put it under a bushel basket; it is set on a lampstand." ~ Matthew 5

Our RCIA class was given the assignment of writing about our RCIA journey. Enlisting the help of the Holy Spirit, I wrote my essay and entitled it "From Medjugorje Pilgrim to Catechumen." My trip to Medjugorje had so greatly enlightened me to Our Lady and her intentions and brought me to an intimacy with her Son that I had never imagined that I was not going to be shy about sharing my light. The Holy Spirit then decided to set this sharing on a lampstand, as it was recently published in our church bulletin.

"This little light of mine....I'm gonna let it shine!"

Since, I have received many, many inquiries about Medjugorje. I am amazed how few Catholics know about Medjugorje. Because of the essay, in my little way, I have been able to extend Our Lady's reach by talking about Medjugorje, answering questions, and sharing books, Internet sites, and videos about Medjugorje with others.

Today, I thought I'd share that essay with you, my prayer family. I apologize for its length. Here it is as published in the bulletin:

FROM MEDJUGORJE PILGRIM TO CATECHUMEN: How a faithful servant heeded to God's call and found her way back home to God's Church.

Hindsight, it's been said, is 20/20, and I now see how I have been led to these church doors, seeking admission into the Body of Christ. Some call it "following one's intuition"; I prefer to call it "heeding God's Call." For most of my non-denominational Christian life, I've listened for and heeded that "small, still voice,"which has unfailingly led to unexpected and bountiful graces. Here is how the Holy Spirit led me here:

My Church connection began before I was born. In the heat of battle against Hitler's army, my father prayed that God would see him safely home. Soon afterwards, he was summoned to Rome; he had been randomly selected as one of two soldiers of the US Army's 442nd Infantry Regiment to take part in a private papal audience. Blessed by Pope Pius XII, he made it through the war and returned safely home to Hawaii, where he married my mother, Mary, raised four children, worked hard and created a thriving business, and led a full, productive life with charity and gusto.

The proverb "It takes a village to raise a child" perfectly describes my childhood in a rural village on the Island of Hawai`i, as it was deeply blessed by five Mother Mary-like, beautiful and loving women: my babysitter, next-door neighbor, pre-school teacher, third grade teacher and Girl Scout leader. All Catholics! To this day, I am inspired to emulate their unselfish lives of service to others, filled with humility, "good works," and lots of hugs.

Perhaps my biggest blessing and role model was my humble, saintly paternal grandmother who taught me the power and joy of intercessory prayer. Daily, with me at her side, she spent quality time communing with God. Before he passed, my father let me in on some family history: my grandmother's ancestors were among the original Christians in Japan, converted by St. Francis Xavier. Sadly, many were martyred for their faith and those who survived the persecutions went underground to become "hidden Christians." So hidden, I only learned about them ten years ago!

While in graduate school studying to be a behavioral scientist, I had a mystical encounter with God and surrendered my life to His Will. He promptly turned my life upside-down, calling me to become a doctor. To take up His Call meant abandoning years of graduate studies and embarking on six more years of intense study and training. It was meant to be. Over the last 20 years of private practice, God and I have enhanced the sight of thousands, saved a good number of eyes and even lives. All glory goes to God, as I am only His helper, doing His Bidding. I simply responded to His Call; He did the rest.

Our Lady of Peace, also known as The Blessed Mother and Mother Mary

In the autumn of my life, God has called me home to His Church. But first, He called my husband and me to Medjugorje in the former Yugoslavia via Mother Mary, who led us to a closer relationship with her Son. We were so thoroughly converted there that if we could have, we would have been baptized on the spot. We hungered and thirsted for the Blessed Sacraments, which are among God's greatest gifts to His children.

Our RCIA class, leaders and team members

We are now participating in this RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) class, which is a most stimulating and joyful learning experience that we look forward to each week. With our growing understanding, our commitment grows. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to be guided and cared for by our leaders and staff as we continue to become more fully awakened in our faith, while laying meaningful and solid foundations. God bless them for their huge Spirit-filled commitment -- and each of you for reading this sharing of my faith and heart.

In God's Light,
Peace Pilgrim, CA & HI
"If you knew how much I love you, you'd cry with joy." ~ Our Lady of Peace

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