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SAINT: St Patrick's Intercession Leads Us to Discover Medjugorje

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Time for some shamrockin' kinda fun-n-cheer!
Erin Go Braugh, 2006!
St. Patrick
St. Joseph with the Christ Child
Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, Gentle Reader! Last year, I shared my story with the group; this year, my prayer group friend in Erie, PA , June Klins, editor of Spirit of Medjugorje asked if she could include it in her March newsletter. I said, "Sure! If it helps to extend Our Lady's reach, it's very fine with me." Here's what I wrote:

Two years ago, it never occurred to me to associate St. Patrick with Christ, much less Mother Mary, Medjugorje and the Church. How the Lord works in mysterious ways and how wonderfully He uses His saints to gather up His lost sheep. Here's how St. Patrick interceded and got the Medjugorje ball rolling for me: I'd been laid low by a bad relapse of the virulent Fujian flu that had already claimed thousands of lives. After feeling like a walking corpse for weeks, I was finally beginning to feel better. Although neither Catholic nor Irish, I thought St. Paddy's Day was a good excuse to celebrate my regained health. After weeks of not having an appetite, the prospect of green beer and a corned beef and cabbage dinner was pretty darn appealing.

But the LA traffic that day was notoriously bad and my husband was late getting home. Not one to waste time, I killed that time by "googling" green beer. What was up with that tradition? My search led me to a St. Patrick's website and I read up on that fourth century saint who was born to British nobility, captured as a youth, and enslaved by a cruel Druid chieftain to escape to become a priest and then eventually Bishop of Ireland, changing history forever.

St. Patrick of Ireland, affectionately known as St. Paddy

Little did I know then that St. Paddy was to forever change our histories, my husband's and mine. While on the subject of St. Patrick, I vaguely recalled there was another saint that helped people to sell their houses. No, it wasn't St. Anthony. I just couldn't remember. So, I “googled” the words: saint selling houses. Links to St. Joseph websites instantly popped up.

St. Joseph: husband of Mary, earthly father of Jesus Christ, and patron saint of married couples, families, carpenters and those who work.

Still no husband on the horizon, so I started perusing a web article on St. Joseph. There was a list of links at the bottom of the page and one in particular caught my eye. Something about Mary visiting Earth in present time. It sounded like it might be one of those cheesey tabloid articles. But heck, I had the time. Out of idle curiosity, I clicked on the link and learned that she was appearing in a faraway land called Bosnia, in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere with an impossibly long and unpronounceable name starting with "M," and had been doing so for almost 23 years.

I must say, I began reading the article with gigantic skepticism. "I pray to Her Son... and how is it that I don't know this?" Still no husband and so I kept reading. The more I read about this mysterious --- and miraculous --- place called Medjugorje, the more intrigued I became.

Just then my husband pulled into the driveway and we took off. We celebrated my recovering health with hearty "Cheers!" over a pitcher of green beer and I gave no mind to what I had just learned about St. Joseph and Mother Mary until two days later on St. Joseph's Day.

March 17, 2004
: The day St. Paddy pointed me in the direction of St. Joseph, who in turn went out of his way that weekend to lead us to Medjugorje and his earthly spouse, Mother Mary, who in turn did the job she was predestined for: leading her children, especially the wayward sheep, to her Son.

March 17, 2004: My dear husband, T, called to Medjugorje a few days later.

Via inner promptings, Our Lady soon invited me to go on a pilgrimage. "Come, come quickly. You are my 11th hour convert." A few days later, my husband was extended an invitation as well. Our calls were so clear and powerful, we went at the first opportunity. On a mountain in a distant land called Medjugorje, we were converted. Within a year, in 2005, we received the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Eucharist, and were sacramentally married in the Catholic Church, perhaps the least likeliest of the churches we would have considered joining.

This month we will once again celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but this time with hearts filled with gratitude. For it was St. Paddy who pointed me in the direction of St. Joseph, who in turn went out of his way that weekend to lead me to Medjugorje and his earthly spouse, Mother Mary, who in turn did the job She was predestined for: leading Her children, especially the wayward sheep, to her Son.

2006: Celebrating our second anniversary of our discovery of Medjugorje and Our Lady of Peace at TGIF

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>> Lorica of St. Patrick

St. Patrick, (continue to) pray for us!

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