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Fast strictly on Wednesdays and Fridays. (24 hour period from midnight to midnight) The best fast is on bread and water. Through fasting and prayer one can stop wars, one can suspend the natural laws of nature. Works of charity cannot replace fasting... Everyone except the sick, has to fast.

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Facts about fasting brought to light in Medjugorje
by Our Lady

Fasting is an armament, as Our Lady calls it, the "arms" in which to destroy Satan's power in your life. There are 26 main statements Our Lady has told us about fasting. The facts about fasting are as follows:

Fasting stops wars. 7/21/82

Fasting can suspend the laws of nature. 7/21/82

Fasting reduces punishments from God. 11/16/82

Fasting is an "arm", a weapon of significant power to defeat, (of which atomic power does not compare. Atomic power has not strength to conquer Satan). 6/25/92

Bread and water is the best fast. 7/21/82

Fasting, to be powerful, must be done with the heart. 9/20/84

Through fasting, the whole plan of Our Lady, that God himself planned for the world's salvation during this special time, will be achieved. 9/26/85

By giving our fasting to Our Lady, it "forces" Satan not to be able to seduce us to evil and drives him away. 9/4/86

Fasting purifies our hearts from the sins of our past. (Through Confession, sins of the past are forgiven, but healing from life-long vice or memories that Satan uses against us to lead us back into sin, requires purification). 12/4/86

Fasting, coupled with prayer WILL obtain EVERYTHING you ask for (the exception would be something illicit). 10/29/83

Fasting sanctifies you to receive the Holy Spirit. 11/4/83

Humility is a fruit from fasting, when coupled with prayer. 2/10/84

The present fasting in the Church is not adequate. Our Lady desires this to change. She said fasting has been forgotten in the last quarter of this century in the Catholic Church. 5/84

Fasting is one element that keeps Satan from conquering us. Faith and prayer are the other two. 11/16/81

We, in turn, are to conquer Satan. The arms to do so are fasting coupled with prayer. 6/25/92

Satan is enraged against those who fast and convert. 6/16/83

Fasting for the sick can cure them along with faith and prayer. 11/26/81

Fasting, along with prayer, was offered as a remedy by Our Lady to stop arguments among the Holy Priesthood. 1/21/82

Fasting will bring the Kingdom of God among us. 3/14/84

Fasting makes Our Lady happy. 8/5/84

Fasting will make prayer more vigorous. 1/25/84

Our Lady will make the maximum good come from our fast. She wants us to give our fast to Her in which she "disposes of them" according to the will of God. 9/24/82

Fasting, coupled with prayer, especially community prayer, will protect you from Satan's aggression in destroying marriages, creating division among priests and will crush him in his plans for obsessions and murders in society today of which Our Lady says he is responsible. 12/26/82

To obtain a grace from God, it is best you let no one know you are fasting. 1/28/87

We are to fast out of gratitude. 9/20/84

Fasting is to be encouraged in others. 2/22/88

Our Lady tells us to fast to prepare for the coming of Jesus. 11/25/96

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